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My Story

I believe that music is part of our DNA and can move us within the full spectrum of human emotion. Music is powerful and helps tell a story, our story and can paint vivid pictures inside of our imaginations.

Troy McClellan studied music composition at Dana School of Music and has composed various works for planetarium theaters, documentaries and has most recently finished a seven movement symphonic work that is inspired by the creation account in the book of Genesis. His goal is to inspire those around him to dream big and listen to the sounds all around you. Let them cause you to seek out the marvel of our Creator.


Latest Projects

Troy McClellan is pleased to announce the release of his latest work: Genesis: The Creation. It is a seven movement orchestral work inspired by the creation account in the book of Genesis. It can be purchased as a download and streamed on Spotify, i-tunes and Amazon.  I really appreciate your support.


Listen to Some Excerpts

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Hello: Bradenton: Michelle’s Theme

16 years ago I met my beautiful wife Michelle. This piece was inspired by the magic and miracle of our love story. Available on i-tunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify.

The Coronation of King David

In late December of 2019 I sketched some orchestration of a theme that was playing in my head. As it developed I decided to call it “The Coronation of King David”. According to the Bible, David was a man after God’s own heart. He was far from perfect, but God used him to bring restoration to Israel and usher in the age of the Temple that would be built by his son King Solomon. I hope this pieces inspires and encourages your spirit as you listen.


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